In the Kitchen with KATE FERRIS and SHARON MANNION

If Kate Ferris were to purchase a holiday home in Ireland, she’d choose the Kerry coast. Sharon Mannion would head home to Roscommon for her hols (yes. regardless of a certain vote in a certain referendum, she didn’t vote there, ok?, can we drop this now already?) Mark would take a place in Donegal, even if he had to cycle up there, and Annie would go to West Cork. SO. If anyone wants to give us money for these said holiday homes, you would be most welcome to visit any time.

Recording this week took place in Annie’s kitchen. This allowed for the circus of her life to be made public, including a crying babe and a barking dog. Mark, Sharon and Kate were hugely patient. They also all know about the Wombles. Wombles are NOT common, the live on a common.

None of us knows enough about Guitar Hero, but we all admit to having been addicted at one time or another to a video or computer game. From Super Mario to Angry Birds. We’ve all been there, #amiright?!

We also learned that we can name plenty of black and white animals at the drop of a hat. Can you? Try it. Go for it. Dare you.

Listen here!






We’re BACK (not that we ever really left)

Back on the Blog!

Annie has been on maternity leave, Mark has been bravely holding down the fort recording episodes, but we’re back here in this space to show and tell you about or latest episode.

With our 100th episode fast approaching we (read: Annie) is going to try to keep this space updated with all the fun guests and plans for our next live show. Sorry for the silence! We hope you’ve been enjoying the episodes even without this blog as a background buffer.


Annie is clearly not yet used to being back out in public . . .

Last week we sat in the sunshine in the garden at Dublin Castle and chatted to Kate Finnegan. When Annie made some joking remark about riding ponies down to the shops, Kate responded that yes, she had done that. She had ponies. She rode them to the shops. Kate literally lived Annie’s dream childhood in the wilds of West Meath. But really Cavan. But we’ll say West Meath.

We chatted about bad movies, circus shows, camping at Electric Picnic (Happy Picnic to those of you headed out and stay dry!), and the Rose of Tralee. The seagulls had a lot to say as we played our game, so technically they should be listed as guests.

Again, download all the previous episodes you may have missed. The big 100 is on its way. In lieu of gifts, send presents.



Our Personal Quest: Love. With EOGHAN QUINN


Writers at Work

The theme was Quest Love. Not the Roots’s drummer, but a new show that our own Mark Cantan and this week’s guest, writer Eoghan Quinn, are working on. Of course we ended up talking about Quest Love the drummer for the Roots and The Tonight Show. Quest Love: if you’re reading, we’d love to have you as a guest.

But back to EOGHAN! He’s living the dream in NYC, home to work on this show for a few weeks. He does not know what streets mark the end of Coronation Street or what animal is the “tiny common pipistrelle”, but he does know all sorts of other fun things.

He’s up for a gamble (he’ll take two in the bush, please), and he’s up for naming babies should anyone need help on that front. And if any of Eoghan’s friends who did not know he’s in town are hearing it here first, get in touch! He’d love to see you!

Meantime you can listen HERE!:



Japanese Treats with our American Friend KARA ZEIGON!


We ambushed our good friend Kara Zeigon as soon as she landed in Dublin and told her she had to, HAD TO, come on our show. She wasn’t sure, so we decided to bribe her with mystery Japanese treats. (And also we wanted some sugar.)

We’ve known Kara for a long time, but we didn’t know she had so much knowledge of useless trivia. Or an ability to accurately describe for our listeners the finer details of the mystery Japanese treats.

Kara is NOT, however, a friend of anchovies because the fur and fish mixture she finds unappealing. Through her a fig and you might have a friend for life.

The Americans had a hard time understanding one of the questions about children’s television shows. Poor Mark, yet again, had to represent his country and culture. But we have a “Manwich” in America (not what you think it is . . .) and both the American’s would be up for that.

Enjoy this episode with food of some kind. Please.



It’s all HERE!:


Marijuana Soup, Saffron Gin and Other Remedies with DYLAN TIGHE


Don’t call him Dylan TiGhe when Mark Cantan in around. Mark HATES that. Dylan himself hates it less. But Dylan’s name is pronounced with no ‘g’ sound as in thigh. Or high. Or fly. Are we all cool with this now?

Dylan is an actor, theatre-maker, singer, songwriter, and soon-to-be poet. He loves shaking things up and pulling apart theatre as an art form, however: he is a big fan of Death of a Salesman. There are just some great plays out there, ok?

You want to know what else is a classic? Bruce Springsteen. That’s why Dylan and Mark launched into a quick rendition of I’m on Fire for your ears and your ears only. It’s special.

We raced through the card this week, hitting on subjects as diverse as endurance sports (we’ll leave that to the more athletic among us), Jaws (was it ever in 3D or was that just in Dylan’s head?!), Oscan Wilde and Charles Manson. Here’s a pitch idea: Charles Manson and Oscar Wilde meet over a saffron gin (another card subject) and decide to watch Jaws. After which they undertake the swimming of the English Channel. I think it sounds like a 6 part BBC series. Who’s with me?!

You can find more about Dylan and listen to some of his music on YouTube, facebook, twitter (@dylantighemusic), and maybe just around Dublin. Who knows? You might get lucky. We were sure lucky to get him.




PS: Lovely Listeners, our show will be on a one-two week hiatus as Annie travels to her homeland to see what the F is really going on with the presidential elections and to make sure that hot dogs still taste the same. Mark may have a special surprise up his sleeve and Annie may make a long-distance mini-cast, but only the universe knows if these things will happen. Stay tuned as we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming mid-June.



Teenage Hormones and The Root of All Evil with LOUISE MELINN!


Follow Louise on the ‘Gram!

Fresh off a Shiatsu appointment and via the Swords Express, Louise Melinn came to play our game this week. She’s making sure to take care of her physical self while she plans her wedding. It’s this summer! Planning almost over!

If the question about what city was formerly Leningrad  slowed us down for a split second, but the Celebrity Big Brother section of the game? We were all over that.

Louise likes a jam donut. Mark likes a banoffee pie. Annie wants green mint chip ice cream, but only if it’s green. And only because she’s had her dose of peanut M&Ms for the week.

We talk first dates, apple species, and Hulk Hogan. The root of all evil is the love of money as it turns out. Louise hates money, but is it the root of all evil? Well, Timothy, in his book in the bible, says that it is. Did you know that Timothy had a book? We didn’t either.

Try out the Swords Express sometime! We’re going to. To hear more about it and all the other fun things, listen HERE!:


Space Doggies, Sailing Welshmen, Golden Kings and STEVE GUNN!


Space Heroes

“We’re doing very well, aren’t we?” this week’s guest, Steve Gunn, pointed out as we were halfway through the card.

We WERE and we DID do very well this week. Even with the sound issues that our bold tech-man Mark couldn’t fix, we managed to have great success with the card as a team. Annie discovered she is secretly (well, not so much anymore) racist towards vegetables, Mark thinks planetary involvement in our lives is ridiculous, and Steve is on Fair City. He can also play basketball while in a wheelchair. And he plays the guitar. Talent abounds.

None of us is particularly interested in going to space, but being paid to sail around the Caribbean? Sure. Sign us up!

The guys like Tiramisu, if you can find a good one (not so easy), but Annie doesn’t like the mushiness.

We do all like winning and that’s what happened this week. So LISTEN UP and PLAY ALONG here: