Mini Muffins by Candlelight with SARAH-JANE MURPHY


We are beginning our 2017 season as we mean to continue: over mini chocolate chip muffins bathed in candlelight. Can you even imagine anything more romantic?!

We’re not sure romance is what our guest this week, Sarah-Jane Murphy, had in mind. But it’s what she got.

Sarah-Jane has not one, but four, spirit animals. Each one represents a different time of day. Her evening spirit animal, Poppy Wings, has a website where you can read all about Sarah-Jane and find out where to practice yoga with her (she’s an instructor) or get a massage from her (she can do that too!) Basically Sarah-Jane can help whatever physical New Year ailment you may be experiencing.*

We marched through the card with confidence and authority. Nothing quite says confidence and welcome to 2017 like being heralded in with a trumpet. Yes. A trumpet. Maybe we shall include the trumpet with the mini muffins and candlelight from here on out. Sure, why not?

Happy New Year one and all. Kick it off with us HERE:


*Sarah-Jane can be found at


We’ll Try to Make This Entertaining

So we decided to play our own quiz. After a few guests have felt ambushed by having to talk so in-depth about themselves, we decided to walk that road ourselves. Maybe you’ll learn a little something new about us, maybe you won’t, but make it fun for yourselves and play along with us!

Annie has been deep into the South Pacific but felt further away from home in parts of the US. We discover that we both like WWII historical fiction (listen up for some book recommendations).

Don’t bother buying Mark a calendar for Christmas, he won’t use it. But did you know he’s a sharp shooter?

Annie feels like a cow would be her current spirit animal, but agrees with Mark that it maybe is a dog in general. She’s good a chasing a ball. On a lacrosse field especially.

Listen up for more fun facts that you ┬ádidn’t know you wanted to know about us!


The Story of the Snail and the Polar Bear With PHILLY MCMAHON and ADAM MATTHEWS


Poor Philly was blindsided by the Mr. and Mr. questionaire at the top of the show, but both he and his partner Adam came out smelling like roses. Australia is the furthest they’ve been from home, Adam has a penchant for bad pop music, and Philly is a certified GAA football teacher.

Neither is particularly interested in religion, and none of us is really into playing the Lotto. We have a new fact about giraffes for our back pocket, and we totally lost the plot when talking about the plights of elephants around the world. We now know more about rum even if it’s not our favorite drink.

Whatever your favorite drink is, grab it and have a listen!


In The Bedroom. On the Bed. With JESSICA HULLINGER and DAN STEWART.


Like the Grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory we got four on the bed to play the game. We needed to do something very special for our guests this week. Dan Stewart and Jess Hullinger were visiting from London where they have just moved from New York City. Dan is a friend from our Trinity days. Jess is his wife of one year. They are both successful journalists; Dan with Time and Jess with The Week.

There career successes could not prepare them for a Mr. & Mrs. version of our new guest “card”. For any future guests, start thinking about your spirit animal. You’ve been warned.

Speaking of animals, India has a monkeys-in-the-parliament problem. We had no idea what a c cube built from fairy technology was, but then are fairies animals? Maybe not. We also weren’t sure about types of mushrooms, but most of us on the bed enjoy eating them. Mark Cantan does not, but he will eat a coffee cake.

We decided that maybe we were all a bit too smart for this particular card. I’m sure all you listeners are as well. But listen and decide for yourself!


Wayne’s World is a Historical Film. JEN COPPINGER Explains! AND, We’re 100 Deep. (!)


It’s our 100th episode!! Can you believe it?! If you’re only just joining us, you have a big weekend of catch up to do. And we have a new introductory game!

We’re delighted to have snagged the lovely Jen Coppinger to join us for such a defining episode. The independent theatre producer says her spirit animal is a Jack Russell. You’d want to be a bit of a terrier to survive and make amazing work in the Irish theatre scene, but that is just what she does.

Jen is a champion swimmer. Well, she has not won any championships in swimming, but she gets into cold water at a drop of a hat, and spends a good amount of time floating around at Seapoint. When she’s not producing theatre that’s where she is.

We found out who the Loiners are, we discuss ring tones (Mark Cantan is a ring tone composer we discovered), and the lost city of Atlantis. We may or may not have discussed Hagel and philosophy. All seems fitting for a 100th episode.

But don’t take our word for it. Pull up a cup of tea and ENJOY!



No One Had Enough Make Up On.


It’s pronounced MAY-a not MY-a. Let’s get that straight first, ok? Like the female version of a certain western Irish county who may have just suffered a heart breaking defeat at the hands of the Dubs.

Maya is an actress and make-up artist. The two go hand in hand nicely and Maya had an adventure jumping from one to the next. She’s settled into a fine balance of the two in her life now and that balance is only helped by the fact that she learned that Bono’s first name is really Paul. And speaking of names, our own Mark Cantan will now be referred to as Mark “Lab Meat” Cantan.

Unfortunately for us the sports and leisure question was actually about sports this time, but we held our own in the other categories. The Greek gods made an appearance yet again. And we all decided that the seven deadly sins are fun to mine for creative use.

When was the last time you were winded? Happily none of us can actually remember. We hope it’s the same for you.

We also hope you enjoy the whole episode! HERE:



Wrist Tattoos and Vegan Standup with LISA CASEY!


Lisa Casey is not one for thinking through big decisions. She has a few tattoos she might not choose to get again, but she’s happy enough to have them as reminders of where she was at a certain time in her life.

She is equally free and easy with her hair colour. At the time of this episode and blog post it was a fabulous soft shade of periwinkle.

Lisa is less loosey-goosey about her appreciation for David Bowie and horror films. She’s fascinated by food and its effects on our bodies, but cannot say no to a good bag of chips. She’s also serious about her comedy and making people laugh. In fact she’s almost a control freak about it. But we all agree that a certain level of being in control is important for comedy. Especially stand up.

We all wish we could play the guitar better, knew more about the Greek gods, and agree that Captain Underpants is not attractive, poor thing.

Find Lisa on Facebook and catch some of her gigs! She’s the one with the fun hair and if you’re still not sure, take a look at her right wrist.

Full episode HERE!