Ever wanted to judge a successful person based on their knowledge of useless trivia? Obviously you have. Trivial Cahoots is a brand new comedy interrogation. It uses simple trivia questions as a jumping off point to starting interesting conversations.

Each week, hosts Mark Cantan and Annie Gill interview a different guest. The show is loosely structured around the questions on a classic Trivial Pursuit card, not specifically on who the guest is, or their area of expertise. Every interview is random: no question is pre-planned, no conversational situation arranged, allowing the conversation to flow freely. We are all sharing stories and anecdotes in the moment, allowing for a live, off-the-cuff freedom in our conversation, and a natural flow of spontaneous comedy that is unlike anything else on the radio.

The show takes some inspiration from the NPR news quiz, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and various game and improvisational-based podcasts including Doug Loves Movies and Comedy Bang Bang.

Mark Cantan and Annie Gill have worked together for the past five years both on stage projects (The Get Together, Sweeney’s, 2010, and Jumping off the Earth, Rough Magic SEEDS Showcase, Project Arts Centre 2011), and as members of GOOSE, the successful long form improvisational comedy team (2013-2015).


Mark is an actor and writer who won the Stewart Parker New Playwrights Bursary for his play Jezebel (Rough Magic, Project Arts Centre and National Tour 2014). Anne Gill is an actress, blogger and voice over artist who has won nothing of note. Yet. Her mother, Betsy Gill, is a huge fan of Annie’s (she has to be), Mark (she finds him both odd and amusing), and useless trivia (she knows a lot). For reference, feel free to contact her.*



*Please ask Annie (anneegill@hotmail.com) for her contact details.


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