Mini Muffins by Candlelight with SARAH-JANE MURPHY


We are beginning our 2017 season as we mean to continue: over mini chocolate chip muffins bathed in candlelight. Can you even imagine anything more romantic?!

We’re not sure romance is what our guest this week, Sarah-Jane Murphy, had in mind. But it’s what she got.

Sarah-Jane has not one, but four, spirit animals. Each one represents a different time of day. Her evening spirit animal, Poppy Wings, has a website where you can read all about Sarah-Jane and find out where to practice yoga with her (she’s an instructor) or get a massage from her (she can do that too!) Basically Sarah-Jane can help whatever physical New Year ailment you may be experiencing.*

We marched through the card with confidence and authority. Nothing quite says confidence and welcome to 2017 like being heralded in with a trumpet. Yes. A trumpet. Maybe we shall include the trumpet with the mini muffins and candlelight from here on out. Sure, why not?

Happy New Year one and all. Kick it off with us HERE:


*Sarah-Jane can be found at


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