We’ll Try to Make This Entertaining

So we decided to play our own quiz. After a few guests have felt ambushed by having to talk so in-depth about themselves, we decided to walk that road ourselves. Maybe you’ll learn a little something new about us, maybe you won’t, but make it fun for yourselves and play along with us!

Annie has been deep into the South Pacific but felt further away from home in parts of the US. We discover that we both like WWII historical fiction (listen up for some book recommendations).

Don’t bother buying Mark a calendar for Christmas, he won’t use it. But did you know he’s a sharp shooter?

Annie feels like a cow would be her current spirit animal, but agrees with Mark that it maybe is a dog in general. She’s good a chasing a ball. On a lacrosse field especially.

Listen up for more fun facts that you  didn’t know you wanted to know about us!





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