In The Bedroom. On the Bed. With JESSICA HULLINGER and DAN STEWART.


Like the Grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory we got four on the bed to play the game. We needed to do something very special for our guests this week. Dan Stewart and Jess Hullinger were visiting from London where they have just moved from New York City. Dan is a friend from our Trinity days. Jess is his wife of one year. They are both successful journalists; Dan with Time and Jess with The Week.

There career successes could not prepare them for a Mr. & Mrs. version of our new guest “card”. For any future guests, start thinking about your spirit animal. You’ve been warned.

Speaking of animals, India has a monkeys-in-the-parliament problem. We had no idea what a c cube built from fairy technology was, but then are fairies animals? Maybe not. We also weren’t sure about types of mushrooms, but most of us on the bed enjoy eating them. Mark Cantan does not, but he will eat a coffee cake.

We decided that maybe we were all a bit too smart for this particular card. I’m sure all you listeners are as well. But listen and decide for yourself!



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