Wayne’s World is a Historical Film. JEN COPPINGER Explains! AND, We’re 100 Deep. (!)


It’s our 100th episode!! Can you believe it?! If you’re only just joining us, you have a big weekend of catch up to do. And we have a new introductory game!

We’re delighted to have snagged the lovely Jen Coppinger to join us for such a defining episode. The independent theatre producer says her spirit animal is a Jack Russell. You’d want to be a bit of a terrier to survive and make amazing work in the Irish theatre scene, but that is just what she does.

Jen is a champion swimmer. Well, she has not won any championships in swimming, but she gets into cold water at a drop of a hat, and spends a good amount of time floating around at Seapoint. When she’s not producing theatre that’s where she is.

We found out who the Loiners are, we discuss ring tones (Mark Cantan is a ring tone composer we discovered), and the lost city of Atlantis. We may or may not have discussed Hagel and philosophy. All seems fitting for a 100th episode.

But don’t take our word for it. Pull up a cup of tea and ENJOY!





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