No One Had Enough Make Up On.


It’s pronounced MAY-a not MY-a. Let’s get that straight first, ok? Like the female version of a certain western Irish county who may have just suffered a heart breaking defeat at the hands of the Dubs.

Maya is an actress and make-up artist. The two go hand in hand nicely and Maya had an adventure jumping from one to the next. She’s settled into a fine balance of the two in her life now and that balance is only helped by the fact that she learned that Bono’s first name is really Paul. And speaking of names, our own Mark Cantan will now be referred to as Mark “Lab Meat” Cantan.

Unfortunately for us the sports and leisure question was actually about sports this time, but we held our own in the other categories. The Greek gods made an appearance yet again. And we all decided that the seven deadly sins are fun to mine for creative use.

When was the last time you were winded? Happily none of us can actually remember. We hope it’s the same for you.

We also hope you enjoy the whole episode! HERE:




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