Wrist Tattoos and Vegan Standup with LISA CASEY!


Lisa Casey is not one for thinking through big decisions. She has a few tattoos she might not choose to get again, but she’s happy enough to have them as reminders of where she was at a certain time in her life.

She is equally free and easy with her hair colour. At the time of this episode and blog post it was a fabulous soft shade of periwinkle.

Lisa is less loosey-goosey about her appreciation for David Bowie and horror films. She’s fascinated by food and its effects on our bodies, but cannot say no to a good bag of chips. She’s also serious about her comedy and making people laugh. In fact she’s almost a control freak about it. But we all agree that a certain level of being in control is important for comedy. Especially stand up.

We all wish we could play the guitar better, knew more about the Greek gods, and agree that Captain Underpants is not attractive, poor thing.

Find Lisa on Facebook and catch some of her gigs! She’s the one with the fun hair and if you’re still not sure, take a look at her right wrist.

Full episode HERE!





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